Victor Chang (MorbidGuy)
a.k.a. - ChgMonger, Morbid

Victor Chang

Hatching Date

1981 February 3

Hatching Place

San Jose, California, USA

Nesting Site

Santa Barbara, California, USA (for College)

Occupation/School Study

Student at UC Santa Barbara

Member Of #RGVC Since

May 11, 1996 (as "Morbid")

Favorite Games

Too many to list, both classic and modern

Favorite System

Atari 8-bit computers (classic), PC & Game Boy Advance (modern)

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Classic: All atari 8-bit consoles & computers, Colecovision Modern and semi-modern: PC, Game Boy Advance, Atari Lynx, NES

Collect For:
All Atari 8-bit consoles/computers, ColecoVision, Nintendo handhelds (i.e. G&W)

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Atari 8-bit (cart): 80
Atari 2600: 200
Atari 5200: 20
Atari 7800: 35
Atari Lynx: 18
Colecovision: 15
Handhelds (of all varieties): 35
(The above values are approximated because I lost track a long time ago)

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

Since 1997

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

-Atari 8-bit: Bounty Bob and my collection of rarer XE and activision carts
-Atari 2600: The supercharger games, my near-complete Activision collection, and my arguably-complete "Best of Atari 2600" collection
-Atari 5200: A few notable rare carts, as well as a Masterplay obtained for less
than $10 from someone who charged $5 for 2600 common carts
-Other: My large collection of Atari controllers, my Nintendo handhelds, and a few classic-game related toys

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