Ray Porter (Drache)

Ray Porter

Hatching Date

1979 April 17

Hatching Place

Fallbrook, California, USA

Nesting Site

Salisbury, North Carolina, USA

Member Of #RGVC Since

August, 1996

Favorite Games

Several Bomberman titles, Warlords, Missile Command, Frogs and Flies (2600), Clu CLu Land, Super DodgeBall (NES), Super Mario Kart (SNES), Mario Kart 64, The New Tetris (N64), Mr. Do!'s Castle (Colecovision), Qix, Reactor (Arcade), and Burgertime (Intellivision).

Favorite System

NES, Saturn and 2600

What Systems I Own And Collect For

I've shed out a lot of fluff I can't move lately, but still retained what I actually use a bit. This included 2600, 7800, Saturn, Nes, Snes, Genesis, Tg16, Vboy, and n64. I had to let go some systems totally, and a nice amount of titles for the systems I kept. :/ Never know where I'll be, though the closets here and at my mom's still are littered with things.

How Many Games I Own For Each System

As Billy Corgan would say, "not worth asking...". Not much left foo. I couldn't store the vast amounts of shit I had about, so it was on to better homes. I own enough now for the remaining systems to play, yet not be drowned by.

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

I have been collecting, using all my free $, and siblings'/parents' since I was 8.

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

My 200-in-1 Famicom multicart, SNES Mr. Do! and my assorted Bomberman games. The shit I have isn't rare, but I dig it. I have a more or less full saturn bomberman setup (3 import bman titles, taps, pads, etc.),and only lack the Hdtv and the saturn bman accessories to truly be a dope fiend.

Other Tidbits/Comments

I love to kick it into high gear with multiplayer matches and tournaments. Warlords, any Bomberman game, and Mario Kart 64 are faves of mine. Fighting games are great for alternating in 4-6 people in a furious set of matches. Whatever game you happen to pop in whatever machine, you're in store for new levels of fun.

I have a newer revision of my less than often updated Bomberman site available for viewing. The fakes section is my favorite after the ever added upon titles list (with coverage to more titles all the time). Alas, it won't be officially done for some time. I'm king slack, fear me... But, I still worship at my shrine, so can you dig it?

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