AGH Atari 8-Bit Computer Review:

by Big Five Software

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Miner 2049er is, quite simply, one of the best games ever made, bar none. It took Donkey Kong's general play theme and expanded it tenfold to create was is undoubtedly the most addictive of all the climbing/jumping games. It's that good, folks.

In Miner, you take control of Bounty Bob, who is searching through all of Nuclear Ned's abandoned mines for the treacherous Yukon Yohan. Bob must claim each section of each mine by running over it. There are radioactive creatures to avoid, but Bob's most difficult task is the precision jumping necessary to claim the entire mine before the time runs out.

Miner 2049er Pic 2
Miner is unique in that you have to cover every inch of territory on every level before you can proceed to the next one. But the beauty of this game is that each of the ten screens has been carefully thought out. On some screens there is only one way to complete the screen, and it may take dozens of plays to figure out the proper way, unless the player pauses and carefully studies a screen before playing it. Even then, the correct path is not always obvious. Some critical jumps are only one pixel out of reach. The game play is never boring because proper timing of jumps is still very challenging even when the correct rout is figured out. If that isn't enough, there are ten different skill levels, with the highest level being absolutely inhuman in its difficulty!

Most of the screens have special features. Slides, Star Trek-like transporters, moving platforms, a moveable hoist, and a cannon are just some of the surprises in this multi-faceted game. Although the graphics of Bob and the radioactive creatures are nothing to write home about, the prizes that Bob must grab to vanquish the creatures are beautifally rendered. The prizes range from axes, to dynamite and martinis and everything in between. The special effects are also excellent. If Bob becomes contaminated he is fried into a radioactive pancake.

This game has it all. Tireless, entertaining, consistent game play; above average graphics and sound effects; an original reworking of an established theme; and a darn good sense of humor. Miner 2049er for the Atari 8-Bit Computers (and, for that matter, the 5200 version, which is identical) gets the highest recommendation, and is, without a doubt, in a class above other great climbing contests like Donkey Kong and Space Panic. The only thing keeping Miner from a perfect score is that it's reserved for its even better sequel, Bounty Bob Strikes Back

Title Miner 2049er
Publisher Big Five Software
System Atari 400/800/XL/XE
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Gameplay 9
Overall 9
Reviewer Keita Iida

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