AGH Atari 8-Bit Computer Review:

by Epyx

Jumpman Jr.
Designed by Randy Glover, the original Jumpman was one of the best ladder games around. The only problem was, the game was on disk, so you had to wait patiently for the next screen to l-o-a-d. Jumpman Jr. was sold as a convenient ROM cartridge, however, so there's only the briefest pause between screens.

Like in Jumpman, the object is to race around touching bombs to defuse them, ducking an occasional flying bullet. The animation is superb as you run up and down ladders, leap across wide chasms and frenetically climb down ropes. The twelves screens include levels like "Electrocution" and "Dumbwaiter," incorporating unique special effects and challenges in each. The game allows up to four players to alternate on the same joystick, and the speed can be set from one to eight. The music is terrific, with interesting harmonies, and even some blues tossed in here and there. You get an extra Jumpman every 7,500 points. If you lose them all, an earthquake rattles the structure you've been climbing and shakes it apart block by block.

The fast-paced action and nonstop fun make this a sequel that can stand on its own two legs. Fans of Lode Runner and Miner 2049er will definitely dig this.

Title Jumpman Jr.
Publisher Epyx
System Atari 400/800/XL/XE
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Gameplay 8
Overall 8
Reviewer Keita Iida

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