So you've seen these incredible carts everywhere ? The nice thing aboutcollecting Atari 2600 carts is that even when you think you know every carton the globe you'll find a new one or a new production company at some lamefleamarket ! It's colors will be like you have never seen and imagined before.It's title the ultimate powerslogan of pleasure and it's quality the rarestof your entire collection ! (of course some games could be pretty crappy,but hey, it's less fun talkin' bout those)
Anyway, to train your mind and eye, the following Create-A-Cart chart hasbeen set up. With it you can create new gametexts, like on the backs of boxes,in ads or manuals and practice in recognisingthose jewels amidst the junk.

Here's how it works:

- Take 1 healthy CPU (preferably a Mac)
- Mix in an ounce of PPP
- Add Netscape 2.01 or Gold if you like
- Slip in your wetsuit
- Pop the titlegenerators
- Save outcome, print and show off to your pals

Happy Create-A-Carting !!!

Get ready for arcade action!

As you your way through the of , you must that ,
all this along with . Can you this mission,
as you are on the edge of ? CAN YOU ?!

Hold on tight as you away at types of with their own , and advance through levels !