Martin Goldberg

Programmer, Web Designer

Welcome! Please browse through my online portfolio to introduce yourself to some of my past work.

About Me

I live and work in that perfect balance of tech and creativity.

Working in today's challenging world of information and platform convergence requires you to be multidimensional, able to develop robust code and operate in a visually creative medium. You have to understand where the medium is going and how to get there, while at the same time have the tenacity and skill to get the work done.

My background and passion for creativity in both coding and visual/front end design puts me at that intersection of tech and creativity. The end result is a top notch product that's based on solid insight, design, and most importantly usability.

My Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Flash/AS3/AIR
  • MySQL
  • C, C++
  • Java
  • Wordpress, Pulse
  • e-commerce
  • Photoshop
  • inDesign
  • Microsoft Office
  • Mobile development
  • And more....


  • 17 years of web design and backend architecture
  • Multi-platform (desktop, mobile, browser) app development
  • Layout and graphic design experience
  • Product design from creation to end product
  • Technical writing
  • Team worker as well as project management experience
  • Fast learner, able to quickly explore and adopt new technologies

Freelance Services

I offer freelance services in web design, video game design, project planning, and writing.

  • Web Design

    With 17 years of both front and backend web development, I bring sold and proven experience to your site's development. Small static sites, CMS (Wordpress, etc.) based sites, and large custom site design are available.

  • Video Game Design

    My specialty is in retrogaming and casual gaming design, both programming and production from start to finish.

  • Project Planning

    Let me help you design and plan your next project, be it a small app or a new startup. Anything from understanding the targeted audience, to usage planning, what technologies are needed, or even what specialists and staff you'll need to finish your high tech project and realize your goals.

  • Writing

    As a former site director of an IGN online magazine, technical writer for consumer products, and current freelance writer for publications like Retro Gamer Magazine, I understand what it means to reach people through the power of words. Let me help you address your audience, whether it's content generation on websites, press releases, or anything in between.


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Martin Goldberg
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