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AGH Review: Centipede (Dreamcast)

We've said it countless times and we'll repeat it once again -- classic games sell. Companies with rich histories like Namco, Midway and Atari have wisely released emulated compilations as well as newly updated versions of games based on its back catalog of timeless hits. Centipede in particular has held up extremely well over the years as you can often see the coin-op getting some big time play in many arcades even today. Unfortunately, Atari's update to the bug blast-athon did not fare well on PC and PlayStation and has floundered in the marketplace. Can it get things right the third time on Dreamcast?

AGH Review: PESCO (Atari 2600)

"What Pac-Man should have been" crowed the attendees of Classic Gaming Expo '99 where Eric and his company Ebivision debuted this fantastic game. Building on the experience he gained when he released Alfred Challenge at the previous year's World of Atari show, Eric set out to "right one of the major historical wrongs" in videogame history. Simply, he decided to build a better Pac-Man. And build he did! Eric actually created a picture perfect version of Pac-Man for the 2600 right down to the finest details including true-to-arcade gameplay and best of all, NO FLICKER!

AGH Review: Breakout (Playstation)

After the success that Pong enjoyed on the PC and Sony PlayStation, it was only a matter of time until its close cousin -- Breakout was revived by Atari. Thankfully, this game has been updated nicely and should please both classic gaming fans and newly christened game-players alike.

AGH Review: GALAGA: Destination Earth (Playstation)

To the thrill of many shooter fans, Hasbro's Atari division licensed the premiere shooting game franchise from Namco. Given Hasbro's track record of deftly modernizing the graphics and audio while keeping the main playe elements intact, I had high hopes for Galaga: Destination Earth. Numerous incarnations, including the awesome Galaga '90 for the TurboGrafx-16 should have provided the developer guidance on how a sequel to be done. Galaga was such a great game to begin with that Hasbro couldn't possibly screw up by stripping the game of its most endearing aspects, right?

AGH PC Gaming Preview: Atari Combat

The fondly remembered Atari 2600 pack-in game Combat is on its way back to thrill a new generation of game players. Magic Lantern has been working on a revisit of the classic -- which actually began life as the first raster graphic arcade game after Pong called "Tank." The PC remake is simply called Combat and it's both an homage to the original and a wholly new game. It'll be published by Infogrames -- owner of the Atari name and properties -- and the title should hit the stores before Thanksgiving.