AGH PC Gaming Preview: Atari Combat

The fondly remembered Atari 2600 pack-in game Combat is on its way back to thrill a new generation of game players. Magic Lantern has been working on a revisit of the classic — which actually began life as the first raster graphic arcade game after Pong called “Tank.”

The PC remake is simply called Combat and it’s both an homage to the original and a wholly new game. It’ll be published by Infogrames — owner of the Atari name and properties — and the title should hit the stores before Thanksgiving.

According to the game’s producer Paul Schuytema, this game was originally conceived as more of a mass-market action game. This is still its core audience — it’s very easy to dive into and accessible to even casual players. It also has a very lean tech footprint as it’s based on Magic Lantern’s very own Terran 3D engine.) Schuytema, however, believes that they’ve create a gamer’s game as well… a pscho action/arcade shooter that’s just a ball in both single player and multiplayer. In addition, the game will be shipped with a full-featured level editor, so that players can get started in making their own multiplayer or single player levels.

We’ll provide a thorough report on Combat once the game goes gold and is ready to ship. Keep your eyes peeled right here for the latest on what appears to be a very promising redux of an icon of gaming’s past.

Title Combat
Publisher Infogrames
System Windows PC
Est. Release Date Late November, 2001
Previewer Keita Iida