Acknowledgements And Thanks

  • Manu Pärssinen. For his help with troubleshooting much of the layout of the old site.
  • Everyone on #RGVC. Who shared their valuable knowlege, insight, and bandwidth test out the re-design.
  • Atari 5200 FAQ contributors.
  • John Hardie. Valuable partner of this site from its inception
    until 2000.
  • Dan Boris. The creator of the Virtual VCS and Virtual SuperSystem
    emulators provided 5200 technical info for the 5200 FAQ.
  • The Atari 5200 manual typers — Jay Tilton, Robert Ferguson, Dan Reinholtz,
    T.J. Rappel, Jeffry Johnson, Grant LeTourneau, and Todd DuBrey.
  • Jerry Jessop. Shared his vast knowledge and experience in working
    with Atari. And a true friend of ours.
  • Leonard Herman. The Phoenix: The Fall
    and Rise of Home Videogames
    and ABC to the VCS
    author contributed some valuable material and information across the board.
  • Maurice Molyneaux. Adventure and Superman maps, along with
    several articles for AGH.
  • Bobby Tribble. Helped out bigtime with the laserdisc section
    of the page. He sent us quite a few screen pics, and did write-ups for many
    of the games.
  • Donald A. Thomas. For keeping the Atari spirit alive. And for being a great
    friend to all the die-hard Atariphiles.
  • Marc Olberhauser, Tom Bonner, Marcus Garrett and the rest of the
    kind individuals who contributed to our museum.
  • Jay Tilton. Helped out with 5200 tech.
  • Matthew Lippart. 7800 reviews.
  • Karlis Povisils. 5200 reviews.
  • Kevin Williams. Article on Atari’s legacy to the industry.
  • Patrick Holstine. Contributed to the Jaguar section, namely with
    his reviews.
  • Pierre-André. Wrote several articles and reviews.
  • Don Rogers. Helped to proofread AGH, and sent us scans of the Jag Duo
    and cartridge of 5200 Cloak and Dagger.
  • Lee Seitz Labelled AGH as a “cool site” and an “informative site.”
  • To anyone else we may have forgotten.